The Raj Bhavan campus consists of 86 acres of land, full of forests, except the built-up area of Raj Bhavan Palace, Residential quarters, and a few other buildings. The estate has large number of species of flora and fauna. There is no scope for massive scale tree plantation, because the entire estate consists of trees, shrubs, creepers, etc. However, every year during monsoon, additional trees and plants are added by the Forest Department as well as the Raj Bhavan, wherever there is vacant space. It is a continuing annual practice to add more and more trees and plants, wherever possible, in order to further enrich the forests of Raj Bhavan estate, which is considered as a bio-diversity hot-spot having a rich flora and fauna.

Consistent and concerted efforts are being made to protect, preserve and further enrich the flora and fauna of the Raj Bhavan estate, so that it can be a role model for others to follow.