Id-e-Milad (21 Nov)




            On the occasion of Id-e-Milad/ Milad-un-nabi, the birthday of Prophet Mohammad, on 21st November, 2018, I warmly extend my heartiest greetings and best wishes to the people of Goa, especially my Muslim brothers and sisters.

            Prophet Mohammad was a symbol of virtue, truthfulness and selfless service, who preached the noble ideas of peace, brotherhood and compassion. These ideals have profound significance and relevance in our lives today, when the world is witnessing hatred, violence and communal disharmony.

            Id-e-Milad/ Milad-un-nabi is quiet appropriately an important occasion for all of us to dedicate ourselves to the promotion and profession of the great values and virtues which Prophet Mohammad so earnestly and ardently preached to humanity. May this auspicious occasion usher in greater peace, soulful serenity and happiness to one all.  


(Mridula Sinha)

                           Governor of Goa

19th November, 2018.