At Home Receptions

Changed face of ‘At Home’ Receptions


Smt. Mridula Sinha assumed the charge of Governor of Goa on 31st August, 2014. Soon thereafter, she had the privilege to call on the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modiji, at New Delhi. During their meeting, the Hon’ble Prime Minister inquired with her about programs that could be evolved and implemented for the welfare and interest of the society. The Hon’ble Governor, thereafter, introduced two programmes, viz, ‘Chand Ke Sath Sath’ and ‘Sachhi Dosti’.


When the Hon’ble Governor met the Hon’ble Prime Minister, for the second time, the latter inquired whether in place of the usual invitees to the Receptions held at Raj Bhavan, some different categories of citizens such as achievers could be invited. The Hon’ble Governor was of the view that such categories of citizens should have an opportunity to participate in important national and State Receptions, which they may not have had in the past. This would be broadly in the interest of equality of opportunities for the citizens to partake in such celebrations and to have a glimpse of the Raj Bhavan building and its sprawling campus.


Accordingly, the Hon’ble Governor, Smt. Mridula Sinha, advised the office to slightly change the list of invitees and include in it some other categories of citizens such as physically challenged, orphans, elderly citizens, meritorious students and teachers, award winners, etc., who have never been in the past invited to participate in the Receptions held at Raj Bhavan. Following this advice of the Hon’ble Governor, invitations were extended to the following categories of citizens for the Independence Day Reception held on 15th August, 2015:-


  1. physically challenged persons;
  2. eminent teachers, both female and male, who received awards and were felicitated;
  3. eminent personalities from the fields of Art, Music, Painting, Drama, Tiatr, Literature;
  4. women who received awards for their excellent performance in any field;
  5. eminent women social workers from different fields;



“Let us give our love and help to the physically challenged brethren and allow their lives to blossom”.

Mridula Sinha



The following new categories of citizens were invited to :

· Goa Liberation Day Reception on 19th December, 2015,

· Republic Day Reception on 26th January, 2016

· Independence Day Reception on 15th August, 2016,

· Goa Liberation Day Reception on 19th December, 2016,

· Republic Day Reception on 26th January, 2017:


  1. persons with disabilities;
  2. orphans from Apna Ghar and Matruchhaya, (institutions run by the Directorate of Women & Child Development);
  3. children from Bal Bhavan;
  4. meritorious teachers and students;
  5. meritorious sportsmen/sportswomen;
  6. senior citizens;
  7. Artists (Music, Tiatr, Drama & Painting);
  8. Writers (Marathi, Konkani and English);



The categories of people invited remain same but the names of the persons change for each function.


These new categories of citizens were included in place of some dignitaries who were being invited earlier for long time but whose names have been kept aside. Many of these dignitaries enquired with the Raj Bhavan office about their invitations. Though they were not initially happy having not received invitations, they appreciated the practice of inviting the above categories of citizens in their place.


“Human dignity should not be allowed to suffer because of handicaps”

Mridula Sinha


As desired by the Hon’ble Governor, for each Reception, the invitees were different. Special care was taken to ensure arrangements at the functions for the physically challenged, orphans and the elderly brethren. The physically challenged, inmates of old-age homes and orphans were brought by the officials of the concerned departments. At Raj Bhavan, officials were specially designated and entrusted with the duty of receiving them, seating and giving them refreshments and to ensure their comforts.

On all the occasions, the Hon’ble Governor along with her husband, Dr. Ram Kripal Sinha, former Union Minister, met and interacted with the special invitees. For the Independence Day Reception 2016, 40 students, who were nominated by the Hon’ble Governor as her brand ambassadors for Swachh Bharat Anhiyan, were also invited. The Hon’ble Governor, Dr. (Smt.) Mridula Sinha, is a brand ambassador of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, nominated by Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Prominent personalities, who attended these functions expressed their appreciation over the Hon’ble Governor’s concern towards the above categories of citizens who were invited to the events, which was never done in the past.