Chand ke Sath Sath

Soon after taking over the charge in Goa, Dr.(Smt.) Mridula Sinha, Hon’ble Governor of Goa, called on the Hon’ble Prime Minister at New Delhi. During the course of the meeting, the Hon’ble Prime Minister advised her to give a thought to introducing some innovative programmes relevant to social, economic and cultural progress of the people. The Hon’ble Prime Minister himself suggested the introducing a programme which would bring together people at a common platform where various social issues can be discussed and deliberated in the interest of all.

Based on the advice of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the Hon’ble Governor introduced the Chand Ke Sath Sath programme as a pilot programme. She believes in making life more enjoyable and wholesome by being close to the nature and living in harmony with the nature. The nature gives all that human beings need to sustain and enrich life. The full-moon night is one occasion, when people can conduct programmes in open places, instead of spending time inside their homes under the electrical lights, and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

The idea behind this programme is to create better awareness and consciousness among the people as to how important and useful for them it is to be with the nature and enjoy its beauty and value. On full moon night, people can spend some time together in the open space, after putting off all the electrical lights in their houses, which will not only save power, but also give a pleasant and peaceful time for them to enjoy the nature. At this gathering, issues and problems of common nature, of any, can be discussed and deliberated and suitable solutions found. This programme can be held in the villages, where the various social, developmental and cultural issues can be discussed. Speeches can be delivered by high dignitaries attending this event which will give ideas and practical suggestions to the people for social, cultural and economic development. Cultural programmes by artists and the participants, such as songs, dances, story-telling etc. can be conducted, which will give added joy and significance to the occasion. Suitable gifts can be presented to those who excel in cultural performances. All this will help enhance the quality of life of the people and promote social and cultural integration.