Teachers Day (05 Sep)


On the special occasion of Teacher’s Day – 5th September, 2017, I extend my hearty greetings and best wishes to the teaching community of Goa.

Teacher’s Day is celebrated with great fervor  and joy throughout the country on 5th September to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of former President, Late Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was the most distinguished and revered teacher and an eminent educationist of our country, besides being a great thinker and philosopher. Through his dedicated teaching, innovative methods and creative approach, Dr. Radhakrishnan became a worthy role model for the entire teaching fraternity of our nation and continue to inspire the teachers who are said to be the backbone of our society and play a significant role in building up the character of students and shape them to become an ideal citizens of India.

In India we denote teachers as ‘Guru’. Guru is a reverential figure to the student, who serves as a guide, counselor, friend and helps in molding values, shares experiences as well as literal knowledge. He or she becomes an exemplar in life, an inspirational source and who helps in the evolution of a student.

For all the students, Teachers’ Day is like an occasion and opportunity to pay tribute and gratitude to their teachers for their continuous, selfless and precious efforts in shaping their personality. They are the reason to enrich all the quality education system in the country and process it continuously. It is also essential that our teachers reinvent and re-energize their teaching methods, develop a modern outlook and equip themselves with the latest knowledge on various subjects.

Hence, I take this opportunity to appeal to the teaching community of Goa to continue to dedicate themselves to this selfless service to the society and attain higher standards of professional excellence in the State.


(Mridula Sinha)

Governor of Goa

   August, 2017.