Press Release on 14.09.2017

Press Note


On the occasion of ‘Swachhta Hi Seva’ campaign from 15.9.2017 to 2.10.2017,  Hon’ble Governor addressed the representatives of Industrialists  on 14.9.2017 and highlighted the importance of building of shochalayas, providing clean drinking water and tree plantation. She said that, our natural environment is the fountain-head of all life forms on this planet, and therefore emphasized on the  importance of maintaining and enriching the natural ecology & environment for healthy survival on this earth. Hon’ble Governor said; the cleanliness and hygiene are a part of our Indian culture, and therefore, achieving the mission of Swachh Bharat should not be difficult. Addressing the Industrialists, she emphasized that they should make contributions to achieve this mission by providing clean water, toilet facility etc. under CSR. She expressed satisfaction with the reports presented by the industries before her and appreciated the activities undertaken by the industries for cleanliness and hygiene so far and was happy to know that the Industries sector is willing to donate and contribute further in achieving this mission. She also requested the officers present to extend all support and co-operation to the industries in all the tasks undertaken by these industries for achieving  Swachh Bharat.


Hon’ble Governor being the nominee of Hon’ble Prime Minister for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) has been pursuing this mission vigorously. On earlier occasion on 18.8.2017, she had interaction with the SBA Committee Members and  Heads of Departments to discuss the issues on cleanliness. SBA Committee  is comprising of prominent personalities in the society. She emphasized on creating greater awareness among the people, especially children about the importance and relevance of cleanliness. She urged these members also to set example to others by  tree plantation at various locations and dedication of toilets at important places.


Hon’ble Governor stated that while the Government makes its contribution to achieve cleanliness and development, it is the duty of the people to take initiatives and contribute to the developmental tasks, and appealed to everybody to co-operate and work for making Goa the first cleanest State. She said that cleanliness should be inculcated as a habit. She suggested that messages of SBA should be displayed on boards, and school diaries containing the messages of SBA should be given to all students.


          Hon’ble Governor appealed to the citizens of Goa for their participation to achieve Swachh Bharat mission. She also highlighted that Raj Bhavan office is holding cleanliness drives on regular basis in the Raj Bhavan campus under her guidance  and desires that all Government offices should emulate this practice, and submit  photographs  of  such  activities  to  Raj Bhavan  at