New year



            On the auspicious and joyous occasion on the New Year. I extend my heartiest and best wishes to the people of Goa.

            The whole world celebrates New Year with great enthusiasm and energy. People concerned to various walks of life welcome the New Year in their own hearty ways. It is a day which brings joy and happiness all around. Today, we are stepping into yet another year in our life. This is an important occasion to reflect on the year gone by and prepare ourselves to embrace the future. It is on such seminal occasions that we should try to diffuse differences, forget bitterness and foster love and friendship between the members of the society. While ushering in the New Year, we should also renew our commitment to live in peace, harmony and unity.

            On this occasion I would like to appeal to the people to continue maintaining the existing social harmony and peace so as to reach newer heights of development in Goa. Goa has a reputation of being a peaceful State. People belonging to different religions do not only live here in complete harmony but also rejoice each other’s company. Different festivals are celebrated here with equal enthusiasm and people from different castes, backgrounds and religions work in perfect harmony with each other. I also urge the people of Goa to take a New Year resolution by making sincere efforts for making Goa the cleanest State and be a role model for others.

            May this year bring greater peace, happiness and prosperity to everyone.




                                                                                                                           (Mridula Sinha)

                                                                                                                           Governor of Goa

27th December, 2017.